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Sensual intimate massage balm and lubricant made with a nourishing blend of aphrodisiac cacao butter, nourishing oils and a delicate hint of our Blushing Rose aphrodisiac oil blend. Love Balm has a delicate Turkish delight scent and melts with body heat to a smooth velvety oil for intimate massage or moisturising lubricant with calendula and geranium to soothe vaginal irritation and dryness.


Available in a beautiful glass jar with gold lid, 30g. 


Made with Organic Cocos nucifera (coconut oil), Organic Theobroma cacao (Cocoa butter), Vitellaria paradoxa (Shea butter), Prunus amygdalus (Sweet almond) oil, Rose geranium and aphrodisiac oils.


Directions: Use Love Balm as a sensual intimate massage balm and lubricant. Love Balm melts with body heat. Love yourself or your partner with a sensual massage or use as an intimate moisturing lubricant to relieve vaginal dryness and irritation.


Enhance your sensual experience with our Love Potion sensual aromatherapy massage oil and our Aphrodisiac range of products. 


 Not suitable for use with latex condoms


Please note: Love Balm should be kept in a cool place. The consistency of Love Balm changes with ambient temperature and may be affected during shipping. In extreme heat, Love Balm may melt and can be mixed and poured out to use or placed in bowl of ice to solidify. 


Suitable for vegans.


Remember : Our products are Alcohol free, Synthetic fragrance free, Paraben free. They contain No Petroleum based oils, No Artificial preservatives. 100% natural. 

Love Balm Intimate Massage Balm & Lubricant

SKU: 00024
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