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Aphrodite's Garden


Ethically manufactured by Women for Women

We manufacture exceptionally high quality natural, non-toxic and alcohol free

feminine care products. Our feminine care ranges are inspired by Aphrodite, who is said to be the Greek goddess of love, beauty, sensuality and procreation.

Our All Natural products are uniquely formulated to support the distinctive passage of womanhood and do not contain any harmful and synthetic ingredients like petroleum-based oils, synthetic fragrances, artificial preservatives or parabens.

Preservative Free

100% Natural

Alcohol Free

Paraben Free



Mom Me Time range consists of uniquely blended aromatherapy and herbal products with three product ranges for the different phases of motherhood.


Birth Support range for pregnant women preparing for birth with tea, pulse point and massage oils for labour and birth.

Postpartum Care range for new moms to aid healing after birth with a perineum soothing spray, herbal sitz bath salts and after-birth healing oil.


Lactation Support range for breastfeeding moms with oils to relieve breastfeeding discomfort and promote breast milk supply as well as lactation cookies and teas.

Calm Baby Massage Oil

A delicate blend of oils to calm and soothe a niggly baby.



This range caters for all women from the young lady experiencing her first period, to those more familiar with the period discomforts, and women in the perimenopausal phase to help women cope with the transition into menopause.

Often the “change of life” gets our Duchess hot and bothered. We have a Menopause Support tea to help relieve hot flashes and support the hormonal system.


For menstrual pain, our sweet and soothing Period Support tea helps to provide relief. We also have an aromatherapy massage oil for period pain that contains soothing anti-inflammatory oils to make “that time of the month” more comfortable.

Our Hormone Synergy aromatherapy oil blend also aids in promoting hormonal balance and emotional support throughout any phase in life. 


A range of sensual aromatherapy and aphrodisiac products.

This range caters for anyone looking to arouse their senses, from the young lady experiencing her first intimate relationship to the woman in the menopausal phase, which is commonly associated with changes in intimacy. 


Our aphrodisiac range of products

includes our Blushing Rose sensual aromatherapy Love Potion massage oil and Love Balm intimate massage balm and lubricant that help to stimulate inner sensuality.

Our Aphrodisiac Bites are hand-crafted dark chocolate treats made with natural aphrodisiacs like maca and cacao, and a touch of rose petals. Our Aphrodisiac Bites are vegan friendly, dairy free and refined sugar free, sweetened naturally with dates and coconut blossom sugar.



A wide collection of products to promote general well-being. 

In our Turmeric Anti-inflammatory range we have Golden Paste to support a vast range of inflammatory conditions including digestive inflammation, gout and arthritis. Our Golden Oil massage oil is made with a warm blend of anti-inflammatory oils including turmeric and frankincense for muscle and joint discomfort, beneficial for arthritis.

Our Black Seed Moisturising balm helps to soothe and heal dry, irritated skin conditions like eczema. 


In our Relax aromatherapy range we have a calming aromatherapy oil and massage oil to promote relaxation. 

We also offer refined sugar free and gluten free treats, and chamomile  black seed honey products.


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99 Albert Road, Lansdowne, Cape Town, South Africa

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